Full Money Back Guarantee

Unique in our industry. Low risk for you.


Your Guarantee

Your Unique Zero Risk Guarantee Explained

Purple Rhino is so confident that, if you pass our application process, you will become a super successful licencee that we offer you a full money back guarantee. No other exterior cleaning business franchise or licenced operation offers you this that we know of!

If you do not earn more than £30,000 in your first 18 months we will buy back your licence for the same price you paid, including the VAT!

Our ONLY condition is that you must adhere to the marketing plan.

We know that if you follow the marketing plan, you will be a success (in truth, many of our Purple Rhino vans do in excess of £30,000 a MONTH!) because of this we are very happy to put our money where our mouth is and provide you with this Unique Zero Risk Guarantee!



Our Unique Zero Risk Guarantee Explained:

In every business transaction there's a risk involved. 99% of the time it's the person who buys the service who takes on the risk, this means YOU! That's why we created our unique zero risk opportunity.

Yes, we are a highly successful roof and exterior cleaning business. However, we understand this is an important decision and one that needs to be right for you and your family! You may be unsure as to the earning potential in your chosen area.

We have existing two man teams, who are earning £25k - £40k per MONTH, cleaning an average of £300,000 worth of roofs per year!

We realise that you can only benefit from the franchisee opportunity after you have made the investment and this risk is what prevents many people from going forward. YOUR Purple Rhino Certified Licenced opportunity comes risk free! That's right, we provide you with a complete Risk Free Approach to owning one of our licenced territories.

So how does it work?

If after 18 months, you have not generated a profit of £30,000, then we will "Buy Back" your licence for the £6,2954 inc VAT and you get to keep the profits that you have made during the 18 months. 

Note: Our Licence fee is £4,950 plus VAT, which we consider to be excellent value for such a good investment.

Our Zero Risk approach is unique to Purple Rhino and is not available through any other Licensor.

(your monthly licence management fee of £495 plus vat will not be returned, because we will have done a lot of work for you, which is fair)

Type of People Who Could Benefit By Becoming a Certified Licenced Operator:

Those Who Need Help Marketing getting a steady flow of leads coming in every day.

Those Who Understand The Service Industry is about going above and beyond, always!

Those Who Need Sales Training to Win More Jobs, sales are the lifeblood of every business.

Those Who Require Coaching and Mentoring we all need help when we seek to develop ourselves

Those Who Have No Written Business Plan, without a plan in place, you keep going around in circles.

Those Who Love Meeting People from all walks of life.

Those Who Understand They Must Implement to WIN FTI is not an option.

Those Willing to Work Their Territory for all its worth.

You Were So Good at Your Job

You Started Your Own Business to Earn More Money...

1. You Got Rid of Your Boss and Instead Became a Slave to Your Own Business!

2. You Work 18 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!

3. You are Trapped, Not Making Enough Money!

If You Could Only Find Enough Customers

For You, There Is Another Way...


Why Could Purple Rhino be a Good Fit For You?

Help For Experienced Pro's or New Business Start Ups!

Any type of established cleaning business is potentially a good fit for us. We can help get your business noticed quickly in your area.

Our specialties are in the exterior cleaning sector. Residential cleaning for roofs, driveways, patios, gutters and windows.

Softwashing, steam cleaning and pressure washing is what we do best.

No Expensive Franchise Set Up Fees - Low Cost Licence 

No Expensive Ongoing Franchise Costs - £495 Monthly Licence Fee

(Marketing costs are extra and carefully budgeted for each location)

Easily find out if you are a good fit for us by contacting us soon.


Don't Wait Too Long
Only One Opportunity

Available in Your Area



Benefits of Residential Exterior Cleaning
  • Instant Cashflow the lifeblood of any business
  • You’re the boss, Get out what you put in.
  • Full or Part Time you choose the hours you want to work
  • Enquiries come directly to YOU (or we can handle them)
  • 6 Figure Income Within 12 Months When You Follow Our Personalised Business Plan