Our Story

Part-time job, full-time salary.

If working fewer hours and earning more money seems like a pipe dream, take a tip from Darran and Teodora Smith who now helps others make it their reality.

“I started my own exterior surface cleaning company”

Darran Smith & Teodora Smith started their own cleaning company way back in 2010. They now only work part time in their business and earn more than they did when they were full time.

“Having studied for her master’s degree in IT, in Varna, Bulgaria Teodora moved to the UK with her husband in 2010. Darran was a lifelong entrepreneur, born and bred in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and both were very focused. But that all changed when baby Doriane was born in 2012...

Teodora knew she needed to be part time in her job and cut her working hours in half when the baby was born. Darran decided that he too would like to see his children growing up and went part time also. It cut their income in half, but they could manage.

Tomas was due to be born in June 2015 when Teodora was diagnosed with breast cancer. Development of the cancer was swift and it was much worse than first thought, chemotherapy and radiation treatment followed. Life had changed for the family. Teodora was on palliative care, and luckily because they had BUPA insurance in place, she recieved treatment not available on the NHS. 7 years later, she still has chemotherapy every 3 weeks, but she remains very positive and lives life to the full.

The business kept on growing during their time off, mainly due to dedicated employees and busines systems that were in palce. It meant the family could take off as much time as needed.

Darran and Teodora enjoyed staying at home with their children and slowly began to see the benefit of working less hours per week whilst working part time ON the business rather than full time IN the business.

Early 2019 and the pandemic had everyone in lockdown. The decision was made to switch the service offerings to JUST residential homeowners. And that would prove to be the best decision they had ever made.

Lot’s of our friends on ZOOM at the time said “it sounds like a great idea, but surely if it’s that easy someone else would have done it by now” We didn’t know at the time if it would work out, but we wanted to give it a go.

The service we offered was roof and exterior cleaning to residential homes.

A plan was formulated to advertise to home owners only, which was a massive learning curve and very quickly the phone began to ring.

Taking 30% deposits at the time of booking in the works paid for all our overheads. Balances were paid upon completion. Cashflow was extremely positive. The first month of our part time business brought in enough profit so we could afford to pay our mortgage and not ask for repayment holidays like many had to because of furlough. If we could make money during a pandemic, we realised the business would likely be recession proof too.

Now with all the advertising in place the business brings in more than enough business each and every day.

Both children are in school and there is enough time for Teodora to take Yoga, Pilates and of course a couple of hours a day to see what is happening in the business. Holidays abroad are booked for 16 weeks during 2022.

The business profits bring in excess of £10,000 a month, which is more than they were both earning before and for far fewer hours

Darran and Teodora have decided to help others on their entrepreneurial journeys by setting up a Purple Rhino Certified Licenced Operator training program which is ideal for others who wish to work part time and receive better than a full time income. It has a low cost start up at £4,995 which can also be paid over 10 months at just £499.50 

Plus our low cost on going licence fees of just £495 per month make this a much better and cheaper alternative than buying into a franchise.

The Certified Licenced Operator agreement lasts 5 years and is renewable.

Darran is truly the master when it comes to helping others grow their own businesses. He regularly coaches small cleaning company owners via zoom, in class or at their homes/business premises. He understands what can and does go wrong with many new business startups. He knows the desire was there, but unforseen, and often through lack of understanding, business owners soon realise that being a great cleaner is not good enough to build a great business. Many often work eighteen hours per day seven days a week, trying to make ends meet. They are not just the cleaner anymore, they have become accountants, bankers, marketers for lead generation, sales person, and so much more...They don't have enough time to enjoy life anymore!

Purple Rhino offers a lifline to many...

Strong brand, and a great website with a formidable marketing plan in place, will ensure you reach the income you want, quickly.

You will need a van and cleaning equipment, which they can supply at extra cost if required.