How Long Does it Take to Clean a Roof?

A great question, which gets asked a lot.

It starts off with the size of the roof and access around the property.

What type of roof tiles need cleaning?

Are they flat red, grey barrel style or other type?

How much moss has been allowed to grow up there?

Most people do not realise their roof could easily have anything between 1000KG and 1500KG in weight of moss growing up there!

Have lichens been allowed to grow and now need to be carefully removed?

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How Do You Clean a Dirty Roof?

Soft Washing

Gentle low pressure method which is best used on roofs which are covered in Gleocapsamagma. The results last 4-6 times longer than pressure washing would.


Moss may need to be scraped off from the tile before soft washing can be undertaken.


Moss may need to be brushed off from certain types of tile to prevent damage before soft washing can be undertaken.

Doff Steam Cleaning

Moss may need to be steam cleaned off using very low pressure (no more tahn 100 BAR)  on certain types of tile to prevent damage before soft washing can be undertaken.

Pressure Washing

The last choice which should only be used in very experienced hands, damage to the tiles patina can easily be caused and will reduce its lifespan. If this is the only choice available to you. Consider turning the pressure to the lowest setting to start off with and keep a good distance away from the surface to avoid pressure damage or water ingress.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is a relatively gentle, low-pressure method of exterior cleaning which uses a chemical solution to kill and detach organic matter from a building’s exterior surfaces.

It is widely considered to be a highly effective method of cleaning a roof without the need for technicians to stand on the roof if they can get within a few feet of the surface via a scaffold tower or mobile lifting platform.

The low-pressure application of soft wash chemicals greatly reduces the likelihood of the roof incurring damage during the cleaning process or water ingress into the property. The soft washing process kills all organic matter and, provided it is undertaken by competent technicians, will leave treated areas spotless, sanitised, and last for a long time.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Your Roof?

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Your Roof?

When calculating the price to soft wash a roof, we have to consider numerous factors to arrive at the figure.

Firstly, the size of the roof. A larger roof will take longer to clean than one that is half its size in comparable circumstances.

Secondly, the level of infestation. A roof that is infested with moss will require more effort to clean than one which has less moss to remove. Disposal of large quantities of moss from the property will inevitably add to the price.

Thirdly, access. Can our technicians achieve adequate access to all areas of the roof to clean it thoroughly? Properties with plenty of surrounding space for our access equipment will require less time to complete, resulting in a lower price.

Fourthly, the specialist equipment, ongoing staff training, specialist cleaning solutions, and insurances required to provide a service that is far above and beyond the expectations of even the most discerning customers.

Your quotation takes all of these factors into consideration, as well as our unique ability to offer a fully-underwritten 5-year warranty in most cases.

As an example, a small 2-bedroom bungalow with adequate access and a low moss infestation could be from £1,500 whereas heavy moss infestation and poor access cost easily double the price. A large 5-bedroom detached house could be £4,000 upwards.

In summary; the key factors affecting price are size, roof type, ease of access and location, and level of infestation.

Our mission; ‘To provide the most phenomenal service experience ever’ is more than just a few buzzwords; it’s our mindset. Our ethos. We’re thrilled every time a customer leaves us a 5-star review on Google, but also ask ourselves how we could improve upon it.

Is SoftWashing Safe For Children and Pets?

Is soft washing safe for children and pets?


It is advisable to stay indoors and keep pets indoors during the soft washing process but as soon as the cleaning process is complete, everything can return to normal. Plenty of water, fertiliser, and a neutralising solution is applied to garden areas in the proximity of the clean and, in most cases, your garden will actually benefit from this treatment.