Certified Licenced Opportunities

With More Than 27 Million Roofs to Clean, There is Huge Demand!

Become a Certified Licenced Operator

Start earning the income you have always wanted in your chosen territory.

Using a powerful brand with proven marketing gets you more customers.

Roof and Exterior Cleaning is Booming in 2022

You Could Earn a 6 Figure Income

Safe Roof & Exterior Cleaning Certified Licenced Operator

  • Exclusive Territory in Your Location
  • Van and Equipment Required - We Can Help

Certified Licenced Operator Only £6,295 Inc VAT
Can Be Spread Over 10 Months
Plus Monthly Licence Fee £495 + VAT - 5 Year Contract

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Who else offers you the opportunity to earn a six figure income, part time?

Introducing Britain's First Certified Licenced Opportunity for Roof & Exterior Cleaners

Here at Purple Rhino we are in the business of giving you more free time and more money!

Helping our licencees to grow.

Ability to work from home.

In essence, Purple Rhino is all about helping you beigin a new career in the roof and exterior cleaning industry. With all the supprt that you need to maximise your investment. Whilst minimising your capital risk. As well as achieving a six figure income. Job satisfaction because you give your clients the WOW factor.

All whilst building a saleable asset...

Training & Support

Certified Licenced Operators

You will have access to on line learning portals as well as having the opportunity to attend our training sessions at our HQ in Ashford

Ongoing Licence fees to be paid monthly are just £495 + VAT, no matter how big you grow your business. Unlike Franchise Fees at over 20%!

What can you expect to earn? The possibilities are endless, the sky really is the limit, it truly depends on you. A part time roof cleaning operative can earn a 6 figure income annually

FTI – Failure to Implement when you fail to implement all of our systems you are likely to fail. This Certified Licence Opportunity is suitable for those who not only want to succeed but those who are determined to succeed. We have the model & systems in place to help you grow from £0 to the level of business you require. 

What makes Purple Rhino so special is that

It's possible to work only three days a week and make an annual profit of six figures.

Full Transparency 

We invite you...

As a potential licencee to come and visit our offices in Ashford, Kent and speak with any of our team members

A unique model & a team that cares about your success!

That’s what Purple Rhino is;

Helping you provide the life you want for those you love...

...whilst building a business that you enjoy - in hours that suit you.

The system is extremely easy to follow and almost anyone can do this, following our proven marketing techniques

The business has delivered over and over again, year after year not even the covid 19 pandemic slowed us down!

People from all walks of life can make a successful Purple Rhino Certified Licenced Operator.

You can pay your licence fee in one go, or interest free monthly installments. You can even pay by 

So Why Not You?

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